It's been around so long that if you're drawing a breath, you know all about the claymation Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You know his father was ashamed of him and tried to blacken out his nose. You know Santa was disapproving when he learned of Rudolph's disability. You know the characters, from the elf who wanted to be a dentist to Yukon Cornelius to the Bumble.

So Jay, a friend of mine, must have watched it again recently because he wrote the following post about it on Facebook.

"Ok. So we all love Rudolph, right? But when you think about it, it's a horrible story. The other reindeer bullied him. They made fun of him because he was different and wouldn't let him play with them because of it. But when Santa needed him, THEN all of a sudden they all loved him. It basically says that if you are made fun of all the time, if you find something about you that is useful, then you'll be worthy of love from those that previously mocked you."

Jay noticed something plenty of people have commented on over the years. Boiled down and looked at through adult eyes, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is downright mean. Remember the song at elf practice when Santa storms out afterwards? Turns out the devil doesn't wear Prada he wears crimson. Santa is a prick in this show!

Most of the commenters agreed with Jay, until this guy. His name is Andy. Andy has a bit of an attitude.

"Dude, seriously, go to your safe space, count to 20 then come back to where the adults live. Geezus H Mary and Joseph."

Jay could have let that go, but Jay is a stuntman and a former semi-pro wrestler and he doesn't back down from a fight. And this is where it becomes NSFW (not safe for work).

"Your bulls*** gets old Andy. It's 2018. Grow the f*** up out of your horse s*** macho attitudes. You talk so much s*** just for the sake of talking s***. I made a legit point and you want to be an ignorant f*** like usual and try to make others feel bad to try to make yourself feel like you're not 5'3". It doesn't work."

Would Andy leave it be? It's the holidays, peace on earth and all that, so of course not!

"NO Clown, I just act like an adult and don't feel the need to look so deeply into everything just so I can FEEL relevant. How about it's just a Christmas movie every kid likes. C'mon! I get you are trying so hard to feel like you are part of the Hollywood elite. But seriously, Charlie Brown and now you with this nonsense. No this is just another one of those SMH moments when I read stuff like this. The need for attention must be real in that sector? 4 s***s and 2 f***, not bad for 30 seconds of work! LMAO!"

It didn't end there. Jay came back with things like, "Coming from a man whose daughter is dealing with some bullying issues herself you should probably wake up. Or do you not care as long as she can hit a softball. It's so funny how a man your age lives vicariously through his child...

...Amos and Andy was a really popular show back in the day. Until people realized how racist it was and how wrong that is. Times change...

...You want to be an ignorant moron stuck in the past. You're a real disappointment..."

Andy came back with things like, "Bullying is a part of life. I am not going to shelter my kid from real life issues. She will learn how to cope and deal with it...

...People like you are making our youth of today weak and incapable of dealing with the hardships of childhood..."

Jay wrapped it up with things like, "Yes, bullying is a part of life, just like severe depression that often has led to suicide...

...saying to people just get over it is like saying oh my toxic chemicals that I dump out of my factory caused you cancer? Well get over it and deal with it!"

Okay, so what was the original point here all along? Oh, that's right, Rudolph is bad because it's not nice to be mean to people. Peace on earth. Good will to men.

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