In South Plainfield, they're not "speed bumps." (Craig Allen photos)

I've spent a good deal of time on the Jersey roads the last few days.  Usually, most of the road signage just washes over me. But, not this time.  Truthfully, as drivers, I'm getting to believe we're overwhelmed by signs! 

This is the sign that got me started.  I've always called them "speed bumps."  And have seen many signs call them speed bumps. So, I laughed out loud...turned the car around, and snapped the photo. I went a few more blocks, and took another picture. Before I knew it, the idea of a picture-based-blog hit me.  Just the yellow-diamond "warning" signs: some are rather "run-of-the-mill," and others are rather unusual, maybe even one-of-a-kind!  Some signs are in english...others tell the story in a "picture."  ALL are in New Jersey.  Enjoy!

The road ends. Not a comment on life, I hope...

Watch for people crossing the road! Using the crosswalk?

Here's a roadside warning sign that we need MORE of in New Jersey! I've blogged about this before. We always need to be on the lookout for Bambi! 

How about a sign that warns you to watch for the sign that tells you that people may be crossing the road...ahead! Or, maybe,  people crossing without benefit of a crosswalk?

I'm still looking...that driveway must be camouflaged!

This sign begs the question: "Where's the fire?" Seriously, there's a volunteer fire station just around the corner.  What I didn't see...was a sign telling me to watch out for dalmations!

"Take this as a sign!" I have more signs from the Garden State to share...and even one photo of a roadsign that you will NEVER see in New Jersey.  Tomorrow. Here at!

What unusual or funny signs have you seen in New Jersey...and where? Please post below!  And, return for more from me, tomorrow!