Only in New Jersey would someone think to rename a street "Dick."

Yes, if a proposal goes through in Clifton, the street connecting Van Houton and Howard avenues, which is now called Ellsworth, will be known as Dick Street.

This, of course, has the people who live there upset. Who wants to live on Dick street?

Speaking of Dallas Cowboys fans, Gov. Chris Christie's name came up a lot. In fact, Churck, one of my friends on social media, said "I believe they move the United States Capitol Building there so that Congress will hold session on Dick Street." Another Facebook fan, Mark, added that "The New Jersey Democrat legislation, but it has to be a big dick street to fit them all."

I say the name should be reserved for those who drive 40 miles per hour in the left lane. In fact, I'd rather they rename the left lane Dick instead.

Who do you think should live on Dick Lane?

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