It might seem as though this frigid run of weather in New Jersey has been around for a record-breaking spell. But believe it or not, the state's official weather records keeper says we are not even close yet.

State Climatologist Dave Robinson, of Rutgers University, says it's been seven days and counting of sub-freezing temps in Jersey, and that is a cold spell that we have not seen for a while.

"We have gone a decade, in some cases, or longer without a streak of seven and maybe longer."

Most of the state has been below freezing, every day since Dec. 27, when only one of our weather network stations in far South Jersey managed to get up to 33. Between Dec. 28 Jan. 2, the entire state has been below freezing. We have not seen any melting during that period of time.

"Impressive? Absolutely. The coldest or longest on record? No. But still, one that has really put a strain on people's ability to stay warm. The amount of the cost that is going to go into heating homes, and hopefully not too many in the way of frozen and subsequently burst, water pipes."

If this frigid run stays through Sunday, it will be about 12 days long — not a new record for the state, "but we are getting up into Top 10 territory at that point."

"For instance, in New Brunswick, Monday was the seventh-consecutive day of sub-freezing temperatures. The last time that occurred was back in February 2007. But it was nowhere near the longest run of 16 days, and we have records back over a century in New Brunswick."

The state record is 21 days of sub-freezing temps in Sussex County in 1893.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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