In case you're an oblivious driver and don't know the law, when you're on a highway and there's police activity or any emergency vehicles for that matter on the side of the road, you're required to move over one lane. If you cannot do that safely, you're required to slow down. If the reason for this law is not obvious to you, next time you have a flat tire and have to get out of your car inches away from traffic tearing past you at 70 mph it should become crystal clear.

First responders have an incredibly dangerous job. Don't think so? Watch this video of some of them almost getting killed and tell me we don't need a move over law.

The law took effect in 2009. A year and a half later it wasn't enough to spare the life of Trooper Marc Castellano. He was stuck and killed on I-195 in the line of duty. He was only 29 years old and had served almost 6 years. A Volkswagen Jetta hit him on the shoulder of the highway doing 75 mph. He had a wife and two children. Since this summer 7 police officers have been struck this way. The Move Over law carries a fine of up to $500 and some say it's not enough. A proposal in the Assembly and Senate would toughen the law, spanking drivers who won't move over with two points on their license.

Is that fair? Yes. Being struck by a car is serious. The current Move Over penalty is not. The law needs more teeth for better awareness. I support the upgrade. You should too.

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