Unless you have a specific reason to go there, like visiting family or friends, you'd have almost no occasion to come across Riverton, New Jersey.

Almost in the shadow of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, which links South Jersey with Northeast Philly, it's tucked out of the way on right on the Delaware River. This idyllic little town has under 2,800 very happy people in a tight-knit community.

Their Fourth of July celebration, if you're lucky enough to be invited, is legendary, with small "boat" races on the river and a greased pole climbing competition. Yeah, it's that kind of small-town America in Riverton.

The road that runs along the Delaware shoreline is a joggers/walkers/cyclers dream. The views are amazing on both sides. The river water is surprisingly clean many of the mansions that line the road are stately and impressive.

Parking is a little tricky, since there are no lots lining the river right there, thank God, but you can park nearby in a lot or on the street. Here's a bit of what you'd see on a nice spring day.

A walk through Riverton, NJ: Historic gem on the Delaware

Lots of history and tons of charm in this tiny little Burlington County town tucked in along the Delaware.

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