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Prom season is right around the corner in New Jersey, and that means we're likely to start seeing videos of promposals go viral.

What's a promoposal, you ask? Well, it's when someone asks someone else to the prom in a special, usually big, and sometimes very public way. Think a marriage proposal ... but for teenagers. The whole point of it is to get attention — at least that's what we think.

Promposals are all the rage right now and kids, or perhaps their parents, are spending hundreds of dollars on them. According to a survey by Visa, teens spent a staggering $324 on average on promposals in 2015. The figure represents over one third of the nearly $920 the average teen spent to attend the prom in 2015.

Man, we're pretty sure our parents are happy promposals weren't a thing when we were in high school. Getting the perfect Jersey hairstyle was costly enough!

And here's the thing — why is it no longer acceptable to just ask someone to prom? Why does it have to be an entire production ... put on video and then uploaded to YouTube for all the world to see? Since when is asking a girl or guy to prom a bad thing? Personally, we think the whole idea of a promoposal puts unnecessary pressure on kids at a time when they should be focusing on more important things like getting good grades.

Kyle Stanley wrote a piece for Odyssey in which he passionately calls for the end of the practice. "All promposals do are set up impossible expectations for our girls," Stanley wrote in his piece. He too wants to know "whatever happened to the simple gestures of asking a girl directly" to the prom?" If someone has an answer for us, please enlighten us.

And let's face it, since when do teenage boys have the reputation for being romantic? That sort of thing is better left to men with a few more years of life under their belt, not teens trying to determine their future.

So if you still think a promposal is the way to go, The Loop has advice on how you can prom propose without digging in your wallet.

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