Some Princeton University campus security personnel will have access to rifles in the event of a campus terror event, reports the Princetonian.

Under the school's current policy, sworn Department of Public Safety personnel would not be armed and would only be able to provide support to Princeton Police.

“The national best practices for responding to an active shooter have evolved,” Ominsky said in making the announcement at the Council of the Princeton University Community according to the Princetonian.“It is now a law enforcement best practice to get an armed officer to the scene as quickly as possible to save lives," adding that the first responding officers are key to stopping a gunman.

Ominsky says officers will not be armed or have access to rifles during regular patrols.

The union representing DPS officers, the Fraternal Orders of Police, has tried in the courts to arm officers according to the Princetonian in active shooting cases but was turned down by both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the university.

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