I first met Mike Rocket at the Headliner back in 2005 at an event honoring Vini Mad Dog Lopez. Bands were playing all day and Mike finally got the stage near the end as people were filing out. Yet, he played with all the energy of someone playing to a packed house, which brought people back in. It also helped that he looked a lot like Bruce Springsteen.

Here's Mike talking about his new song called "The Princess of New Jersey" and how he actually got it to Bruce. If anyone could accomplish that feat, it would be Mike Rocket.

"I wrote it for a special girl I met at the Meadowlands before a Bruce concert. She's my wife now. She's always been a huge Bruce fan from New Jersey. Her birthday was coming up when I met her so I asked her a few things to help me write it, like her favorite Bruce songs. She said 'Racing In The Street,' 'Drive All Night,' and 'For You.' I include those titles in the first verse of my song.

"At one of the Light of Days at the Stone Pony, I gave Bruce a demo CD with the song on it. Missy was with me. I told him check out the 'Princess of New Jersey' if you can on that demo. Here she is. He said. 'Hey, Princess.'

"I said, 'Bruce, I was inspired by 'Mary Queen of Arkansas when I wrote this song but I took off a little weight and made it less depressing. At that point I think Patty was pulling him aside saying he had to get ready to go on. This was by the kitchen in the back of the Stone Pony."

The rest is history.


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