A former New Jersey priest was found dead in his Nevada kitchen from a gunshot wound to the neck. I'm pleased, and let me explain why.

John Capparelli's name popped up on that list put out last month by Catholic Church dioceses of 189 priests and deacons "credibly accused" of having committed sex crimes against children. He was accused of groping and molesting multiple teenage boys and was eventually suspended from the ministry in 1992. He should have of course been arrested and put in a cage for the rest of his life, or better still, given the death penalty.

I've always maintained sex crimes against children are tantamount to murder, because the bastards who do this kill the person the child would have otherwise become, and leave instead a victim who too often struggles through a troubled life. It's a crime that by the time one is caught and convicted there are, on average, 19 other victims. It's a compulsion for which there is no cure.

Back to the former priest, Capparelli. He was linked to a fetish website that he allegedly ran out of his home, NJ.com reports He was accused by multiple teenage boys of forcing them to wear swimwear and wrestle while he took photos, according to another NJ.com report. All kinds of disturbing stuff.

Worse, because the church didn't turn him over to authorities and insist on his criminal prosecution, he ended up teaching for many years after 1992 and so he was still around children. He worked at Our Lady of Fatima in North Bergen, Holy Trinity in Westfield, Oratory Prep in Summit and St. Theresa in Kenilworth.

It's despicable this creep was allowed to remain free and not face justice and it's just as despicable that the Catholic Church covered up allegations of behavior like this for so, so long.

He eventually moved to Henderson, Nevada where his body was discovered in a welfare check, shot to death in his home. Police have ruled it a suspicious homicide and there's no word yet on a suspect.

I truly feel if killing this former priest could have brought closure for a victim, I hope it was one of them. I certainly couldn't convict that person if I were on a jury.

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