🔴 No arrests have been announced in the shooting death of Eunice Dwomfour

🔴 Investigators have shared little information with her family

🔴 A cell phone issued by Sayreville borough was not discovered by detectives for two months

Three months to the day after Sayreville councilwoman was gunned down in front of her condo, her family's attorney has raised questions about the investigation after the discovery of potentially key evidence.

Attorney John Wisniewski, a former state legislator, said he received a call from Sayreville's business administrator in April asking if he knew the whereabouts of a cell phone issued to Dwumfour by the borough.

"It turned out to be in a storage facility in one of these self-storage facilities that the contents of her apartment were unloaded into shortly after her death," Wisniewski told New Jersey 101.5. "The prosecutor's office sent two investigators and they went through every box and ultimately located the cellphone."

Investigators also discovered a laptop and tablet during their search of the unit. Wisniewski said that he is concerned about what else may have been overlooked.

"The concern is that it took some two months before there was a realization that there was this cell phone out there, that apparently, the investigation up until that point in time, had not thought to look for or even consider. That seems to me to be a lapse in what would otherwise, I've been assured, is a thorough investigation," Wisniewski said.

Eunice Dwumfour, Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone, Dwumfour's SUV after shooting
Eunice Dwumfour (Sayreville Borough), Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone (Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office), Dwumfour's SUV after shooting (Charlie Kratovil)

Family concern about the investigation

Middlesex County Prosecutor Yvonne Ciccione has not released any details about the investigation and has little contact with the family. Wisniewski arranged a meeting with the family in early March and a second meeting several weeks later. They've also had calls from the prosecutor's office which Wisniewski described as "perfunctory outreach."

"Speaking on behalf of the family what is of concern is that we are now at the beginning of May. We are three months post the homicide and there does not appear to be any leads, breaks or developments. To the family that is of concern that a moderately prominent young black woman in an otherwise relatively safe suburban community could be gunned down as she returned from the grocery store to begin preparing dinner for the evening. It is alarming and concerning and frustrating."

Eze Kings, Eunice Dwumfour
Eze Kings, Eunice Dwumfour (Eze Kings)

Electronics hold clues

Wisniewski said electronics in a case are key to an investigation. If it were his investigation he would have been something he would have looked to secure early.

"What I would have done is make sure that all of the electronics that Eunice had access to were secured immediately after the event to make sure that that data was preserved and nothing done to it that could have altered or tampered with it," Wisniewski said.

He also would have looked for any journals or notebooks where she would have expressed her concerns about certain people or events.

Wisniewski said the Dwumfour family continues to go through trauma as they process Dwumfour's death and the loss of a daughter, mother and wife. It is compounded by a lack of information about the investigation.

"Everybody wants to see this investigation develop into someone or some group of people perhaps being charged and tried and convicted for Eunice's death," Wisniewski said.

A spokeswoman for the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office on Monday told New Jersey 101.5 no comment will be made regarding an ongoing investigation.

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