For so many people, your dog is a member of your family. Losing a dog can be emotionally trying and leave an emptiness in your home.

Brandy is a 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier owned by a woman who lost her husband five years ago. The terrier is reportedly in good health, although the dog is blind.

Kathy, the owner, had a scare the other day when the dog slipped out of the leash and ran toward the water, ending up submerged in the lagoon in Point Pleasant. Thankfully a neighbor jumped in to pull the dog out.

Two police officers arrived and administered chest compressions to Brandy getting her to cough up water and start breathing again. Sgt. Christopher Woit and Officer Jesse Waterson are our #BlueFriday honorees for this week.

Point Pleasant Police Department Facebook Page
Point Pleasant Police Department Facebook Page

Paramedics arrived to use a pet oxygen mask and take the dog to a local veterinarian.

Kathy is so thankful to the cops and her neighbor I thought this was a perfect story to share with you. Truly under the category of "you never know what you'll face" as you start out on the shift on any given day. The variety of calls that cops are called to respond to is truly all over the map.

On this day, thankfully the cops didn't hesitate and Kathy will hopefully be able to enjoy the company of her furry family member for the next couple of years. Read the full story HERE.

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