We have a new enemy, and it's the plastic straws.

They are hurting the environment and hundreds of thousands of them are washing up on the beaches. Places like Starbucks and Tim McCloone's Supper Club have phased them out, but there is one group of people that will be offended in a big way and that's the disabled.

New Jersey 101.5 intern Mikey Nichols, who uses a wheelchair after breaking his neck playing hockey for Monroe High School, tells Steve Trevelise "in order for me to drink independently, I need to use a straw. If someone were to give me a drink without a straw, it’s very difficult to drink because I cannot control how fast or slow I want to drink due to the fact I can’t tilt the glass. If they were to ban straws, I will no longer be able to drink comfortably."

That sentiment is echoed by several disability activist groups. Starbucks released a statement saying they will continue to offer straws for those who request them. Starbucks offers, and will continue to offer, straws to customers who need or request them in our stores. Starbucks recent announcement about straws will not impact the ability of those who need straws to access them.

We take an inclusive design approach to all packaging to ensure that all customers will be able to enjoy their Starbucks beverages.

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