ROBBINSVILLE — The pilot of a small plane made an emergency landing at an intersection shortly after takeoff from Robbinsville Airport on Sunday afternoon, according to police.

After the 1966 Piper plane suffered mechanical failure about 5 p.m., the pilot, a 47-year-old East Windsor man, put the plane down on Sharon Road facing Gordon Road, according to Robbinsville police.

The intersection runs alongside Princeton Memorial Park & Mausoleum, which also had a large open area.

Photos of the scene show wires on the ground and on fire.

"Just when you think you have seen it all. Thankfully everyone is safe. Power will be out in the area for a few hours," Mayor David Fried wrote on his Facebook page.

Plane after an emergency landing in Robbinsville
Plane after an emergency landing in Robbinsville (David Fried)

The pilot turned off the battery in the plane before he walked himself into an ambulance, witnesses told Police said he was treated for minor back pain at a hospital.

FAA records show the plane is registered to Gregory W. Feensrta of Greenville, Michigan.

The FAA will investigate the cause of the plane's mechanical problems.

Plane after an emergency landing in Robbinsville
Plane after an emergency landing in Robbinsville (Dennis Symons,

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