I had the chance recently to hang out with gorgeous women who are committed to doing good:

These women specialize in what they call “vintage beauty" — glamming women up in the style of the ‘40s and ‘50s movie stars. But it’s not just for aesthetics.

These members of Pinups for Mental Health Awareness put together a calendar every year that aims to raise awareness and end the stigma associated with mental illness. I got to go behind the scenes as Tiffany and Deanna were transformed from being pretty to being knockouts, and take pictures under the watchful eye of Alaiana.

Anyone can be a pinup model for the group — most share their own stories of how mental health has touched their lives, or how they've struggled with it personally. f you you are interested in more information or in being a pinup model, visit their website here and keep an eye on their Facebook group for future events.

The things I do for my job!

Pinups For Mental Health Awareness

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This series is made possible by Carrier Clinic, an independent, nonprofit behavioral healthcare system located in Belle Mead that specializes in psychiatric and addiction treatment. Carrier Clinic’s system includes an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a detoxification and rehabilitation center, an adolescent residential facility, and a fully-accredited middle and high school for students classified as emotionally disturbed.

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