Images and video were released by the Bucks County district attorney of a man who may be part of a group that has burglarized 1,000 cars in Bucks and several counties in New Jersey over the past year.

Matt Weintraub says several vehicles, all unlocked, have been struck at night in multiple neighborhoods and developments since last September. One person or a group of people are believed to be responsible, Weintraub said.

In New Jersey there have been hundreds of burglaries in Branchburg, Franklin, Hillsborough, Hopewell, Montgomery, Princeton, Robbinsville, South Brunswick and West Windsor, according to Weintraub.

A person captured on home security cameras or seen by witnesses has been linked to the burglaries because of a common clothing description, which includes a black sweat suit, dark-colored gaiter mask, gloves and white and orange Nike sneakers. The suspect wears a satchel-style bag slung across the shoulder.

The suspect also has a distinctive style of running and walking, according to Weintraub.

Vehicle registration and insurance cards, credit cards and loose change have been stolen from vehicles, as have smaller items like pens and sunglasses, Weintraub said.

Weintraub asked anyone with information to contact their local police or Buckingham, Pennsylvania police at 215-794-8812 X246.

Suspect in 1,000 car burglaries in NJ and PA (Bucks County District Attorney's Office)

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