The latest target of the LGBTQ 'Group-Think' bullies is a Board of Education Trustee in Hackensack, Frances Cogelja, who is guilty of disagreeing with the new LGBTQ curriculum being forced on our school kids. She dared to speak out and has now incurred the wrath of Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez and other activist shills who want to crush any independent thought about the issue and have created a climate of intolerance for people of faith.

It's OK to believe that people should tolerate and accept others differences. It's also OK as I was taught, and have taught my own kids, to love the sinner and hate the sin. People of faith who believe as the Pope does, that promoting and pushing a kid suffering from gender dysphoria is akin to child abuse, are being shut out of the conversation. Tolerance is no longer acceptable. It's full acceptance or nothing. And it's totally one sided.

Any parent concerned about their confused child only has one option in today's culture: embrace the rejection of birth gender and/or accept a child's sexual preference even if the kid has not even approached puberty yet. This is a perversion of our culture, which is based on religious freedom and family control. The PC bullies are imposing their will by force and shutting down legitimate debate. The worst part is the fact that schools have to recognize the will of the child without input from parents. This is ludicrous.

Most children have trouble deciding what to wear, what to eat and who to be friends with as the grow up. They are certainly not capable of deciding what gender and what sexual preference they will embrace as adults. There's also a growing concern that kids who are confused will be pushed to reject their birth sex through surgery and hormone replacement. This is wrong and should be called out.

Some courageous writers are calling out the all out assault on parenting and faith, which uses confused kids as the bludgeoning tool. But too many more are being silenced and their faith is being labeled bigotry. There is very little actual discrimination in today's modern world when it comes to sexuality. Actually, it's gone so far that parents and teachers are just supposed to accept a pre-teen who has decided that they were born in the wrong body or that are gay.

Accept or be condemned. That's the mantra of the new tyranny being led by do-nothing, personal agenda driven political elites like Cory Booker and Bob Menendez. They call themselves tolerant, but in reality they are the worst kind of intolerant bullies that we have. The latest target is a concerned mom in Hackensack. You could be next. #StandWithFrances

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