We all know the things that the Garden State is famous for, and all those major history moments that happened right here in New Jersey. But you probably don't know this. There are surprising things that are made in each state, and the item that represents our state is, well, a little less glamorous than you might hope for.

So, the website Cheapism decided to find that one surprising item from each state, and lots of them are pretty impressive. For instance, Alabama's is rockets, and in Arizona it's artificial hearts.

The surprising item  Delaware can be proud of it spacesuits, and in North Dakota, they can boast about their caviar. So what surprising item will make the chest of New Jersey residents swell with state pride?

The pencil. Wait, what?

General Pencil Co. in Jersey City (Google Maps)
General Pencil Co. in Jersey City (Google Maps)

Yes, the unexpected item we're responsible for here in the Garden State doesn't orbit the Earth or get placed in the chest of a patient whose life it will save. But it does come in handy on a standardized test.

Actually, the No. 2 pencil story here in the Garden State is really an amazing one. The General Pencil Company has been making awesome pencils since the late 1800's right here in Jersey City, and yes, all kidding aside, that is something we should all be proud of here in the Garden State.

And who knew there were so many different varieties of pencils. It's pretty amazing. So, no, we don't have spacesuits here in the Garden State, but our most unexpected item is pretty awesome, too.

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