LAKEWOOD — Yet another pedestrian has been killed in a Lakewood collision — this time, in an apparent hit-and-run incident, according to a report.

A suspect was being questioned Christmas night after the deadly crash on Cedarbridge Avenue, the Asbury Park Press quoted police saying. The adult male pedestrian had been alive at the scene, but died shortly afterward at a hospital, the report cited Lakewood Police Sgt. Mike Young saying.

Police told the Press the driver left the scene but was at the police station later that evening. It's not clear from the report if the driver came to the police station voluntarily.

Photos posted by the Lakewood Scoop showed what appeared to be the involved car with major damage to its windshield glass

Police are asking anyone with information to call the police at 732-363-0200.

Earlier this month, police told New Jersey 101.5 at least 14 people had been killed in motor vehicle incident in Lakewood this year. That included a woman pedestrian killed at Route 70 and Shorrock Street just days earlier.

Also among those killed was a 3-year-old girl whose bicycle darted into 7th Street over the summer, and was struck by a vehicle.

In response to the spate of fatalities, police began a crackdown — looking in particular for jaywalkers and others skirting safety laws. That specific effort, which included undercover officers, wrapped up Dec. 16.

Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Al Della Fave said at the time the "volume of traffic and pedestrian movement has just been a formula for disaster."

He urged people “to just slow down — drivers and pedestrians included, both sides, be responsible in terms of their movements.”

Della Fave said that means pedestrians, instead of crossing mid-street, should go to the corners to use the walkways, and drivers need to take a deep breath.

“We know it’s frustrating. We know when you’re in traffic for a while you become emotionally charged and you’ll kind of push the envelope and do things you shouldn’t do, and that’s when the tragedies happen," he said."

With prior reporting by David Matthau.

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