Now that the cat's out of the bag and Nick Foles has been named the starting quarterback for the Eagles in the NFL season opener Thursday night, I have one more question for head coach Doug Pederson. "What was all that about?"

Peterson opened his Sunday press conference chastising reporters for "putting words in his mouth," and then refused to discuss which quarterback was going to start. When asked specifically who put words in his mouth, he refused to answer saying, "You saw the reports," followed by a series of, "next questions," and concluding with, "I'm not answering the question."

It would save everyone a lot of time if Pederson had just answered the question and moved on instead of throwing a hissy fit. What's surprising is that Pederson is usually very honest and forthcoming in those press conferences.

It's not easy being a head coach or baseball manager when it comes to dealing with the press. Imagine if at the end of your day, you had to answer a boatload of questions about how and why you did your job on that day? It's going to be interesting to see Pederson's relationship with the Philadelphia press now that he's won a Super Bowl and fights to repeat. As they prepare for week one, it doesn't look like he and the press have gotten off on the right foot.

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