Really...peanut dust is a thing!

After her first child was diagnosed with multiple allergies, New Jersey Chemical Engineer Meenal Lele created Lil Mixins, a peanut dust that can be added to baby milk, formula, food, etc.

I spoke with Meenal Tuesday morning on the show and she shared with us the idea to embrace peanuts as a way of curbing a huge spike in peanut allergies. And since you can't give a baby peanuts or peanut butter, try mixing in peanut powder into their formula or breast milk.

Really does make sense.

We've talked for years that kids used to play outside more and "eat a pound of dirt" before they grew up. Now in an seemingly over-sanitized world, we've had an explosion of allergies. So stop being afraid of peanuts and embrace the delicious legume, at least as a dust to start.

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