You knew as the spotlight on concussions and football continues to shine that sooner or later a New Jersey lawmaker would propose banning it for kids. After all, isn't that the job of Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle to make decisions on how you should raise your children?

Personally my sons play flag and I have talked to former pro football players who say they don't let their kids play tackle. My reasoning is that if they're going to have enough time tackling as they get older and dealing with the aches and pains from it as they get much older to start so young. But that's my decision. As for whether or not tackle football is safe for 12 years olds, I'd have to say yes.

As these new findings continue to come out, the rules and the coaching continues to change, just like it does in the NFL which is going to great lengths to sell football to kids. You may remember Commissioner Roger Goodell attending the Super Bowl with nine year old Sam Gordon in 2013 after her playing video went viral. She ended up on a Wheaties box and reporting on the game two years later.

It's much safer to play tackle football than it's ever been. Kids who dream of pursuing a career in football, and especially their parents, realize that in order to do that they need to learn how to tackle the right way. But again, whether or not they should be able to play should be the decision of the parents, not Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle or anyone else.

Is tackle football dangerous for kids? Sure but it's been greatly reduced. There's danger in all sports they play. Should baseball be banned since they can get hit by a ball? Basketball because of rebound collisions, how about hockey where checking can cause disabling injuries. Of course not.

Think of all the people you've come in contact with your entire life that have played football be it in youth, high school, college or even the pros. How many do you know that suffered a debilitating injury from the game when they were 12 or under?

If Valerie Vainieri Huttle or any other lawmaker wants to help the children of new Jersey how about focusing on the real problem we have here: Let's start with property taxes and work from there.

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