NOTE: Charges against the woman described in this story were later expunged, according to documents provided to New Jersey 101.5. Her name has been removed from this post.

PARAMUS — A woman who claims to have psychic abilities got greedy — tipping off a customer to her fraud — but not before the customer handed over more than $41,000 to be rid of "evil spirits," police say.

A Glen Rock woman went to the advertised psychic's Paramus office in March for a $100 crystal ball reading, according to ABC 7. Afterward, the "psychic" told the woman she believed there were "evil spirits following her that were causing some of the problems in her life, Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg told the station.

The Glen Rock woman initially agreed to pay $5,000 to have the spirits removed, and then another $36,000, Ehrenberg reportedly said. But when the "psychic" asked for another $90,000 to remove a "stubborn spirit," the customer got suspicious and went to police, he said.

The "psychic" was arrested, and later released on of $5,000 bail.

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