Your hubris is amazing. You marched to Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin’s office Wednesday demanding your right to a driver license when you are in our country illegally. I understand you don’t respect the law. If you did you wouldn’t be here. What I don’t understand is how you have no shame.

You sneak across a border or you overstay a visa and disappear. Then you demand rights of the very country whose laws you violated. Then like fools, many lawmakers give them to you. You wanted your children educated in our public schools even though you may not be paying all your taxes. You got it. You wanted in-state tuition from our state schools. You got it. You wanted financial aid to go to those schools. You got it. You wanted sanctuary rules. You got them. You wanted our tax money to pay for free lawyers for you to fight deportation. You got it.

Now you demand a driver license, and a Democratic lawmaker who says he supports the idea is receiving your wrath simply because he’s not moving fast enough? Who the hell do you think you are? You are an insult to every law abiding immigrant who came here the right way. Your demands have reduced the very meaning of citizenship.

Perhaps you should consider a different method of transportation if Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin isn’t moving fast enough for your obnoxious demands. Perhaps you should consider a plane ticket, one way, out of the country, and get right with the law.

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