My working theory is 'It's so cold' jokes have always been easier to come up with than 'It's so hot' jokes. It's so cold politicians had their hands in their OWN pockets. It's so cold Michael Jackson put his other glove on. (Okay, that one doesn't work anymore.) Since I think 'It's so hot' jokes are harder to come by, I think they're just less funny.

I challenged our listeners to prove me wrong by calling in an 'It's so hot' joke that would actually make me laugh out loud. A literal LOL. Anyone who could was promised to be rewarded with $10. All I will say is I'm only ten dollars poorer because only one of these made me laugh. I'll let you wonder which one.

TJ - It's so hot the crackheads are putting the copper back in the air conditioners.

Andy - It's so hot Crazy Glue is in a straight jacket.

Kurt - It's so hot, I saw the devil buying an air conditioner.

Chris - It's so hot even Phil Murphy looks cool by comparison.

Tim - It's so hot Adam and Eve traded in their fig leaves for ice cubes.

Sean - It's so hot even my wife's heart is melting.

Pat - It's so hot the elderly are moving back to New Jersey.

Rita - It's so hot my nipples are inverted.

Steve - It's so hot cops stopped eating doughnuts and moved on to iced tea.

Chris - It's so hot the Weather Channel is quoting Paris Hilton.

John - It's so hot the politicians in Trenton just raised taxes on thermometers.

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