Possibly the most famous duel in US history took place in New Jersey on July 11th, 1804 in Weehawken.

The animosity between the former Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, and the sitting Vice President, Aaron Burr, started politically when Burr defeated Hamilton’s father in law for a Senate seat. The two locked horns many times and the attacks became increasingly personal. The gubernatorial election of 1804 elevated the animosity between the two men, leading to Burr challenging Hamilton to a duel between gentlemen.

Hamilton at first refused, but later agreed, with the two taking row boats from New York to Weehawken. Hamilton fired first, and missed, some say intentionally. Burr, however, did not miss, striking Hamilton, who died the next day. Burr was indicted in both New Jersey and New York, but he was either acquitted or had the charges dismissed. He was not punished for shooting Hamilton in the legal sense, but his political career was over.

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