When I was general manager of Catch A Rising Star, I learned that when you book a comedian you pay that comedian, regardless of whether or not there's a show. These people depend on that money to live on an shouldn't lose it over something that wasn't in their control. They had nothing to do with the ego battle that led to the closings. Maybe those ego's can learn a lesson for next time if their stubbornness hits them right in the wallet.

A deal is a deal and if you shouldn't be penalized if you're ready willing and able to work. It's just good business. Then again, what would New Jersey know about doing good business? As an owner of several businesses I can honestly say that New Jersey doesn't make it easy for you to do business here. But they shouldn't make it hard for you to work here as well. You need to be able to trust when you work for the state of New Jersey, that you're going to be paid if things are beyond your control.  Both State Assembly speaker Vincent Preito and Senate President Steve Sweeney are in favor of paying the workers, hopefully Governor Christie will be too.

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