New York City has announced that they'll be going after lazy dog owners who don't clean up after their pets. If dog walkers are caught not cleaning up after their pet, they'll be hit with a $250 fine.

Law enforcement in the city will be watching for this and will issue tickets for those who don't pick up after their pet. So if you're walking your dog in the Big Apple, consider this a fair warning.

With New York City announcing this crackdown, it does beg the question for us here in New Jersey. Should we be following their lead?

Now one can argue that this is an overreach of power when it comes to the police. But in my opinion, I don't think that's the case.

Here's why I believe it's OK to enforce a penalty on this kind of behavior. A penalty on those who believe doing this is perfectly fine.

Wastewater, sewage

It's unsanitary

Not only is it completely gross, but it's also very unsanitary. Your dogs' waste will wash away into our waterways and will make it that much harder to keep our waterways clean.

Not to mention, the harm it'll do to wildlife and plants. So yes, you should be ticketed if this is something you believe is right to do.

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It's rude and lazy

Probably the most obvious reason right here. Yes, your dog will have to go at some point, but you're ultimately responsible for whatever your dog does.

The question I have for you is this: Are you rude, or lazy? Or, do you strive to combine the two and try to be the neighborhood's biggest jerk? If you do this now, I'd say you're up there in getting first place.

No Dogs Allowed
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You ruin it for other dog owners

I'm sure you know it's your actions that ruin it for everyone else. I mean, how could you not? Restrictions on where dogs are allowed increase thanks to your stupidity.

As for the rest of us who actually do clean up after our pets? Well, you're the reason we're all limited as to where we're allowed to be in the first place.

Now those are three of the main reasons New Jersey should follow New York City's lead on this, but I do have one more message for those who don't clean up after their pet.

No Dogs Allowed

You shouldn't be a dog owner

I get we all might have that rare moment and forget to bring something to clean up after our pets. But I also know there are those of you who purposely don't care. And if you can't even take care of the basics of dog ownership, what are you doing with a dog in the first place?

Is it an insecurity issue, where you feel you must have a dog just to look tough? Or, is it that you purposely don't clean up after them because you feel it makes you look like a big person?

I have news for you. It's pathetic, and it makes you look pathetic. And furthermore, it's so sad we have to start enforcing something like this because of your pure laziness.

No dog poop allowed

I see it myself when I'm out on a walk on New Jersey's trails. You're walking along, and all of a sudden, you're stuck cleaning your shoes.

Even sadder is when it's right in the middle of the sidewalk. That's right, some of you are so lazy that you leave it right on the middle of a concrete sidewalk. If you do this on purpose, then please give your dog to a caring owner who knows how to handle the responsibilities of dog ownership.

If you want to learn more about New York City's crackdown on lazy dog owners, check out this story from the New York Post by clicking here.

Simply put: Clean up
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