For the most part, dog owners in The Garden State are kind, respectful people. The majority of people who have pets are usually good-hearted and take great care of their pets.

They also accept the responsibility that comes with owning a dog as a pet. From the days of puppy training to the senior years.

Being a dog owner can be joyous, but it is a big responsibility. And if you're not prepared to take on that responsibility, then you might want to second-think that decision.

Especially when it comes to being inconsiderate to others. Perhaps they're not cruel to the pet, but they sure don't want the responsibility of owning one.

Before we go any further, it's important to note that this isn't directed toward young children with dogs. Kids learn from adults, so it's up to us for them to learn what's right and what's not when it comes to dog ownership.

With that said, this is for all those clueless dog owners in The Garden State. In particular, the ones who refuse to clean up after their pets.

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Clean it up

It's by far one of the biggest pet peeves with some pet owners. Doesn't matter where you live in New Jersey, there's always one of those dog owners within the area that simply will not clean up after their pet.

It's not just rude, it's inconsiderate, and it speaks volumes of who you are as a person. Yes, it's not a glorious job to have to do, but as a pet owner, you need to do it.

It's one thing if you leave it in your own yard. But it's another when you allow yourself to be just as lazy elsewhere around your neighborhood.

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On the neighbor's yard

Hopefully, someone's security camera catches you, because this is extremely rude. If your dog has to take care of business on somebody else's property, pick it up.

This includes along the little strip between the sidewalk and the street if there is a sidewalk. If it's located in front of someone's home, it's their home.

Bring some doggy bags with you and simply clean it up. It's not that hard, and it's your responsibility.


On the sidewalk

This one's even worse. It's not bad enough you're letting your dog go on other people's property.

Now you're letting them go right on the sidewalk, and leaving it there. Right where people are supposed to walk.

Now granted, even if it is easier to pick it up on a hard surface, it's still not smart to let your dog do that. But to leave it right there is just plain inconsiderate, and you know it.


At the school or playground

This one is probably one of the biggest pet peeves of all, especially for parents. Why do people not clean up after their pets around a school or playground?

You know tons of kids and parents will be in those areas on a regular basis, so why leave it? Are you banking on kids stepping in it?

It's just what every kid needs on their shoes throughout the school day. And if you're one of those dog owners, then you should stay out of school zones or playgrounds altogether.

In fact, just stay away from other people's homes and sidewalks while you're at it. Just take your pet to a place where the only risk of someone stepping in it is you.


Message for you

Look, sometimes we might forget to bring a bag or a way to clean it. If it happens on rare occasions, that's OK.

But when you do it on purpose, then we have a problem. And there's a question you really need to ask yourself. Should I be a dog owner in the first place?

There's no reason to not take your responsibilities seriously as a dog owner. If you don't, then it speaks volumes of what kind of person you are. A miserable, bitter person.

Just don't be surprised if someone follows you home one day to return what your dog left behind. After all, it is yours.


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