Not 18 yet? Then you can't buy a lottery ticket.

The New Jersey Lottery has teamed up with the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey to launch its annual awareness campaign, seeking to remind residents and retailers that Jersey law prohibits the sale of lottery tickets to anyone under the age of 18.

The annual "Not 18 Yet? No Bet" awareness campaign runs through August and September. James Carey, acting executive director of the Lottery, said it has a longstanding commitment to promoting responsible play and to discouraging underage play.

In New Jersey, state law requires says those under the age of 18 cannot buy or sell lottery tickets.

Carey said the Lottery is using social media as a tool to inform the residents of New Jersey about the "Not 18 Yet? No Bet" underage message. It is included on the Lottery's Facebook page, its website and its Responsible Play page.

The "Not 18 Yet? No Bet" logos is featured on digital terminal screens at all lottery retail locations in the state as well as those retailers' websites.

In addition, Carey said, the Lottery has created an advertisement with the message that reads, "Some Things Just Aren't A Good Fit. Lottery Is Not Child's Play."

The New Jersey Lottery is also conducting a statewide re-distribution of the "Not 18 Yet? No Bet" brochure ,  to all lottery retailers in the state, to make them available to customers, says Carey. The brochure is being distributed in English and Spanish.

Carey stressed that parents need to be aware of problem gambling in teens. Some of the signs include unexplained absences in school, a drop in grades, increased family conflict, asking for money from family and friends or strealing money from the same.

Selling their personal belongings to get money to gamble, showing off money or new clothing or other new possessions, bragging about their winnings and talking about gambling are other signs to watch out for, Carey said.

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