This week's #BlueFriday honoree is the Sgt. from Northvale police in Bergen County, who saved a boy's life after he fell into a pool over Memorial Day weekend during a family gathering.

Sergeant Mike Graham saved a young boy's life who nearly drowned at a home in Emerson. The boy was dragged out of the pool and Sgt. Graham worked on him and revived the young boy. "His lips were blue and I immediately started CPR," Graham said.

I asked Sgt. Graham if, when an emergency happens, if it's like a shot of adrenalin that goes through you at that point in time that makes an off-duty officer react so quickly. Is it instinct? Is is training? "I think it's a little bit of both, it's instinct and training. You try and zone out and get a little tunnel vision and render aid as fast as you can," Graham stated.

Thankfully the young boy will be ok.

Officers like Sgt. Graham and many others are living on that "thin blue line' as I like to say. Sometimes it has them stopping a crime and sometimes it is about saving a life when you are off duty. NJ officers never know what they're going to encounter but they are always ready and prepared to jump into action, just like Sgt. Graham.

Also, you can read a piece I recently wrote for the NJSPBA about The Thin Blue Line.

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