Tracy Morgan will not be talking politics when he comes to the State Theatre on Oct. 15 with his "No Disrespect" show.

But he did get into some when I asked him on New Jersey 101.5 whom he would disrespect.

"Donald Trump!"

When I asked why, he said: "Because he's a narcissist!"

When I asked him why, Morgan's reply was: "Because he stormed the Capitol. You don't storm capitols in America; you do that in Nicaragua. This country's beautiful; we don't do that here."

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan (Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

Morgan, whom you've seen on such television shows as "Saturday Night Live", "30 Rock", and "The Last OG" as well as Comedy Central, HBO, and Netflix specials as well as movies such as Amazon's "Coming 2 America", "Scoob!" and "The Longest Yard," talked about what does make him laugh.

"What makes me laugh is the truth. I love that. The truth makes me laugh. Whatever the truth is, whatever you feel it is. It's hilarious to me. The truth about life the truth about sex. The truth about food. The truth about music is the truth."

TCA Turner Summer Press Tour 2017 - Green Room
Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Turner)

The truth can be challenging but Tracy's up for it:

"I'm not afraid to challenge people to look at themselves. Let's take a look at ourselves and see how foolish we can be and how funny we can be and I'll challenge you."

Morgan, who comes from The Bronx and now lives in New Jersey, talked about his new home:

"I don't look at New Jersey and find it funny, I think New Jersey is beautiful, I live here."

What's great about New Jersey is the people?

"It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round," says Morgan.

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan ( Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

But the kind of people that he likes?

"Real ones, who say what they feel, I don't like fake people man. You can tell the way they act, I can't tell if you like me or you hate me."

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP, File)

Tracy Morgan is so much more than an actor or comedian:

"I'm a dad. I'm a father. All kinds of stuff. I don't stay in the comedy world because that's not reality," says Morgan. "Why do you think people laugh? Because they can relate and identify."

For tickets to see Tracy Morgan bring "No Disrespect" to the State Theatre on Oct 15, click here.

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