New Jersey has become the most restrictive state in the country in terms of high school football practice regulations and the most restrictive at any level of football from youth to the NFL. As a rabid football fan who played as a kid and is addicted as a man, I have no problem with that. It's only a matter of time before the whole country comes around to this.

The New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association governing body announced Wednesday that in-season, player-on-player contact will be reduced to 15 minutes per week and six hours total during the preseason, including scrimmages. Last season, the limit for in-season contact was 90 minutes per week with no limit during the preseason.

Now, if you've grown up playing or watching football in the 70's, or hear the stories from those who did, you'll hear how this generation is a bunch of snowflakes and how the game is changing for the worse. Ask those same guys from that era how much surgery they've had done on their body from playing or why they walk so weird from a game that never made them a dime.

It's one thing when you're playing in hopes of pursuing a career in the NFL, If that's what you want, there are football camps you can go to which will prepare you more. It's another thing when you're a kid just playing football for the fun of it. Knowing that you won't be walking funny when you're older may not mean anything now, but it will then.

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