Kate Quigley is a standup comedian, model, host, and actress. Most notably Kate is currently the host of UNDERCOVER on Playboy TV and is the “Anthony Bourdain of the sex world” traveling the world and commenting on the culture (she herself is not nude in the show). - Excerpt from Kate's Bio on StressFactory.com

Kate Quigley a talented comic who may be best known for her role as the host of a show on Playboy TV — and who joined us ahead of her appearances at the Stress Factory April 6 and 7. I asked her why she thought it was necessary to explain to our audience that she would not be getting naked for the show.

Her explanation painted a picture of meeting people across the country with some very strange fascinations & fetishes. You can hear her explanation for yourself..

Kate is a self described "Tom Boy" and had a very funny take on the number of women that hit on her after shows compared to men. She even explained to us about the end of her 10-year marriage — and yes the wearing of flannel had something to do with it ... but it's not what you think.

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