Illegal aliens.

Not an inflammatory term, actually a legal one to describe people who are not citizens of the United States. They do come in all forms: legal, illegal, asylum seekers, refugees, etc. The term is used politically most often by those of us who think it's time to fix our broken immigration system. Separate criminals from those who have simply overstayed visas. Separate hard working entrepreneurs, like Carlos from Hamilton who called the show earlier this week.

Unfortunately, Governor Murphy wants to lump everyone together and ignore the fact that we need to prioritize public safety and speak for legal, law abiding citizens first.

In the latest affront to average New Jerseyans, the Governor and Senate President are pushing to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. It's outrageous and dangerous. Thankfully, there is new voice of reason in Senator Chris Connors who has launched an online petition to go directly to the people.

Please sign and stand up against a legislature and Governor who no longer speak for us. #SpeakForNewJersey

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