A flood of support poured out over the weekend for actor Geoffrey Owens who played Huxtable son-in-law Elvin on the Cosby Show some 25 years ago. He was spotted by a couple while he was working at Trader Joe's in Clifton, NJ. They took pictures and figured out it was the actor clerking at the store.

The Daily Mail and Fox News carried the story. It's unfortunately the kind of thing people are interested in. Someone famous and successful, now doing a menial job. "Look he's no better than us". "Look what's happened to him." It's a sad but natural human reaction. So we have media bashing for the outlets that covered the "story". Then we had accusations of "job shaming" from the "virtue signaling" idiots who have to come to his defense for honest hard work.

The internet and social media are like a toilet. You may need it a few times a day, but don't stay on it all day or you'll fall in and get covered in the s*** that it's there for. Geoffrey Owens ended up leaving the job due to all the negative attention. Sad. Very sad. He's the son of a former U.S Congressman and a Yale graduate and he still found dignity in working a "regular" job. People can't just make an observation and maybe tell a friend or two, they have to post it or feed it to a news outlet. It's the sad situation in which we find ourselves today.

The real "job shaming" that happens every day and none of the virtue signaling idiots on the internet mention it, is that the state and federal government take so much of the hard earned money all of us make at our jobs. The fact that you get to take home a fraction of what someone pays you is the true "shame" to me.

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