It’s the time of year for special occasions and there’s no better way to celebrate them than by having an amazing dining experience. That’s why I literally look forward to the The Daily Meal's list of the country’s most expensive restaurants every year.

Yeah yeah, we’ve got the best pizza, the best bagels, the best subs (hoagies?) here in New Jersey, but Is there anything better than a truly fine dining experience? Especially when it doesn’t involve traveling out of the state! I wasn’t surprised to once again see restaurant Latour on the list as New Jersey’s most expensive.

When compared to restaurants in New York, you won’t even think it’s that pricey, but Latour is still, for at least three years running now, the most expensive restaurant in New Jersey. It’s located in Hamburg, New Jersey at the Crystal Springs golf resort (a place I know a little bit about after having stayed there a few times for the ultimate luxury get away). The resort itself is a sprawling affair... two hotels, six golf courses, entertainment and spas all with a magnificent mountain view.

According to the report, Latour is famous for its course “Anthology” tasting for $115 (plus $55 for wines) and a seven-course “degustation” (here, I googled it for you) for $145 (plus $65 for wines). It also boasts a $6000 bottle award winning wine cellar. Holiday season might make it difficult to get in as reservations are required. But if you’re in the mood for the fanciest-schmamciest dinner you’ve had in a long time without crossing a bridge or tunnel to get into New York or Philly, throw on a sport jacket if you’re a man and an elegant dress if you’re a woman and head up to Latour at 1 Wild Turkey Way, Hamburg.

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