🔴 African lion at Popcorn Park dies

🔴 Refuge officials said he was "personable"

🔴 Another lion arrived at Popcorn park earlier this year

LACEY — An adored lion at a refuge in Forked River has roared for the last time.

Simba, who lived at Popcorn Park for 10 years, has died, the park said on Facebook late Tuesday morning.

Before joining Popcorn Park in 2014, the African lion had been cared for at a facility in Alabama. However, the owner got sick and couldn't care for Simba and the other animals.

The refuge said Simba showed up with three other big cats. He was "severely underweight" when he arrived but recovered with care from Popcorn Park staff, the refuge said.

Simba the lion (Popcorn Park Animal Refuge)
Simba the lion (Popcorn Park Animal Refuge)

John Bergmann, Executive Director of Popcorn Park, said Simba was a "personable" lion.

"Simba's roar every morning meant something special to all of us and could be heard for miles around. It meant so much to us to know we were helping him and that he was giving us that love back - which he did tenfold," said Bergmann.

Simba enjoyed the company of another lion in his last months.

Kanu joined Popcorn Park in December. He celebrated his 10th birthday earlier this year.

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Kanu, the lion (Popcorn Park Zoo)
Kanu, the lion (Popcorn Park Zoo)

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