At Saturday’s Women’s March in Morristown, New Jersey's first lady, Tammy Murphy, joined the #MeToo movement with her story of sexual assault from when she was a sophomore at the University of Virginia.

Her horrifying and disgusting story was delivered to a crowd of thousands of men and women who were marching to protest some of the policies of the Trump administration (defunding Planned Parenthood, for instance). You can hear her speech, as captured by, above.

Politics aside, it was incredibly brave of Murphy to tell her story of being aggressively grabbed and groped while walking alone at night. Yet there are still people who are labeling the #MeToo movement as a “witch hunt” or claim that women are just “seeking attention.” Spare me. That kind of mentality is exactly why women didn’t come forward for years and lived with the horrors that they experienced.

I want to be clear: This wasn’t a case like the controversial Aziz Ansari story that recently came out, which was seemingly a case of “I had sex with a celebrity and it wasn’t great, so then I was uncomfortable.” This is different. Tammy Murphy was thrown on her back while her shirt and skirt were pulled up as the assaulter tried to muffle her cries for help. That's assault.

When our station posted an article detailing Murphy’s assault, these were the types of comments that came in (you can read them all on our Facebook page):

“Blah, Blah, Blah.......let the frigging witch-hunt on men begin.” That comment had (at the time I’m writing this) 44 likes. At least 45 New Jerseyans still see this as “a witch hunt on men” and not “women calling out men on their disgusting bulls--t.” Neat. The same commenter says “there's SOOO MANY [allegations] it seems suspicious.” Huh. Maybe there are so many allegations because there are so many assaults. Just a thought.

That being said, if you think this is anything new, you should check out this SNL sketch that perfectly sums up how some of us feel about this movement.

Another comment: “Sad but true. There seems to be a war on men.” This is laughable. The movement’s main message is “Hey men, can you not rape women anymore?” and that’s seen as a “war on men.” Allow me to clarify, it's not a war on men, it's a war on rapists. Do you not get that? I need a Xanax.

Then there was the ever-constructive comment from Sharon: “Wow, she has big teeth too.” What a way to support your fellow woman, Shar. Attack her looks. Real nice. Can we stick to the point? She used those teeth to bite the hand of her almost-rapist.

It was at this point in the Facebook thread that I almost threw my laptop across the room: Kelli chimed in with “Great introduction to the new NJ first lady. It's in bad taste to publish that you were assaulted, etc. Keep it to yourself.”

I’m going to repeat Kelli’s sentiment real quick, “It’s in bad taste to publish that you were assaulted, etc. Keep it to yourself.” That’s a real thing that someone actually said in 2018. Crazy, no? Call me a “crazed feminist libtard” but I’m going to say that it’s “in poor taste” to actually rape someone. Coming forward is the right and brave thing to do. This wasn’t the only comment that said something along these lines. Several other people said she should “keep it to herself.” Sorry you guys don’t want to hear about how women were raped, but you know what’s worse than hearing about someone’s rape? Rape.

Then there’s Lenore: “And here we go..........what a joke. Enough already. You didn't spill it then? Then bs.” Hey Lenore, here’s the thing… She did spill it. She says in her speech that she went to a frat house and they called the cops. So there goes your argument. Maybe try reading the story before jumping to accusations. Also, this story is far from "a joke." I’m not sure what part you found funny.

Chris brought this enlightening comment: “he must have been drunk.” Guess what? That’s not an excuse! Weird, right?

Finally, it is my true honor to give Brad the “Most Ignorant Person in the Room” award! Brad says “She is to ugly...... nobody raped that thing.” Brad, you get this award for your grammatical error (it should be *too*), your absolute disgusting world view of “only women I think are attractive can be raped,” and your use of “that thing” to put down a woman. Top notch work.

Okay, that’s enough comments to prove that women need this movement because we’re still not believed when we come forward with our stories, right? No? You’re just going to comment on THIS post on Facebook that I should shut up and I’m an ignorant b--ch seeking attention? Neat. Good talk.

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