We're bombarded daily with an onslaught of negative stories about peoples' bad behavior. There are so many good people in the world who do good things for people every day. One of those people probably saved a man's life yesterday and that man's family just wants to thank her, they posted on Facebook a description of the event. It happened in Pequannock, in Morris County around 5pm Wednesday evening. If you know a woman in that area who drives a white Jeep, maybe you could help find her.

The post reads as follows:

Last night around 5pm, by Cameron Ave, my dad fell outside and was unconscious. Some young woman in a white jeep saw him and pulled over to call 911 and stay with him. If anyone knows anything about who this young woman is, we'd love to sincerely thank her for probably saving his life. I also need to thank Cid on Cameron, who's house my dad was working at, for staying at the hospital with my dad till I could get there. So grateful for good samaritans!!

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