It’s a craze that is sweeping the nation, and for good reason. The impossible burger is pretty much exactly what it says: it's a vegan burger that is so much like a real burger, it almost seems impossible. The first place I had heard about this was right on the Dennis and Judi show on NJ101.5. A listener called in to tell us about this amazing new burger that tastes, grills, even bleeds like a real red meat burger. Only it isn’t. I couldn’t believe it myself until I tasted the version that is available in retail stores called “beyond burgers”.

Cooked at home, right on the stove top in a cast-iron pan with a little oil it was amazing. It had the char, the texture, and the juiciness of a real burger. And if you throw a couple of condiments on it, the tiny iota of non-meat-mess that you can sort of taste is completely masked. In a restaurant, I imagine it is even more burger-like though I haven’t had the opportunity to taste one yet. I think about a possible burgers is that people eat them even when they’re not vegan or vegetarian’s because they are that good!

You know they’re in demand when NJ’s legendary WindMill has started to carry them! And now the big news: Many New Jersey locations of White Castle have added the impossible burger to the menu, using a dedicated grill just for them (so as not to offend vegetarians or vegans with traces of actual meat) It’s offered with cheese and without.

Even though from what I’ve read reviews are mixed, just the idea that a huge national chain like White Castle would feel it necessary to add the “impossible slider” to their menu proves how popular they actually are. But I love every type of burger; real beef burger-burgers, turkey burgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers and every type of veggie or bean burger that exists! So I have a feeling the White Castle Impossible slider is going to be right up my alley. If you get to White Castle before I do let me know how they taste.! As a burger freak, I’m usually not that picky anyway.

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