Have you ever stood on the train platform and worried that you might fall over onto the tracks? Have you shuddered at the thought of trying to get yourself back up before the train comes? What about all the warnings to watch the space between the platform and the train?

In the UK, it's a cliché used often to "mind the gap." You might think about it, but it rarely happens.

Last week, one unlucky commuter had it happen to them. Before the train pulled out of the station in Trenton, a commuter fell between the train and the platform and got stuck. Thankfully, NJ Transit Police Officers Paul Fevola, Kenneth Podolski, Michael Virag, Carmine Ruocco, Peter Jackson and Sgt. Jason Conrad were on hand and immediately went into action freeing the victim, administering oxygen and stopping the substantial bleeding. Thanks to these heroes another person will be able to go home and enjoy life with family and friends.

According to the Facebook page for the NJ Transit Department, the officers combined training, equipment and teamwork to save another life. It's the calm, expert action of our police officers across this state that allows us to breath a sigh of relief knowing that help is around the corner if we are to fall victim to unforeseen circumstances.

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