Regardless of what you think of the NJ’s new 5% fee on plastic bags carried out of restaurants and stores, you can’t possibly believe that we are going to eliminate plastic forever. Plastic is one of the greatest inventions of modern times and as much as tree huggers would like to see it go by the wayside, it’s ridiculous to think that that would or should ever happen.

So what do you think about the psycho enviro-wackos in New York City (the communist mayor Bill DeBlasio leading the charge) who are toying with the idea of getting rid of plastic straws? Plastic straws? Listen, people. We have to live! We keep on trying to force progress backwards by eliminating modern convenience to try to save the planet! But why live on the planet if we are trying to make living on it so much more difficult and inconvenient!!

When was the last time you drank something out of a paper straw? Most of the people floating these “great” ideas never did, but I did when I was about five. It leaked, it got soggy, and your drink tasted like the paper. Halfway through your drink the straw would collapse from the moisture. And it was just basically inefficient. That’s why they came up with the idea of the plastic ones which have been the gold standard for something like 50 years.

I think this is getting a little out of control. I’m starting to believe the people who think about ways to improve the environment are just bored and need a hobby. They are not gonna be happy until our homes, cars, and clothing are all made out of paper. Then we’ll just pray that they don’t biodegrade while we are living in them, driving them, or wearing them.

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