🚗 Tesla is recalling some Model Y vehicles

🚗 The steering wheel fastener may be loose, the automaker says

🚗 A NJ Tesla owner reported the issue happened to him along Route 1

Tesla has issued a recall of some Model Y electric SUVs, over risk of the steering wheel falling off — which happened in New Jersey.

The federal safety alert announced on May 29, involved certain 2022-2023 Model Y vehicles due to the issue that “the steering wheel fastener may be loose.”

On Jan. 29, a man posted several photos to Twitter from inside his Telsa, of a detached steering wheel.

They had just received the vehicle days before the scary incident in Woodbridge.

NHTSA NJ complaint
NHTSA NJ complaint

The NJ Tesla owner, from Monmouth Junction, officially submitted his complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Feb. 1, according to its online database.

There were several other, similar incidents filed before and after the NJ driver, by others.

NHTSA complaint Telsa steering wheel
NHTSA complaint 2
NHTSA complaint, Telsa steering wheel issue
NHTSA complaint

The number of vehicles impacted under the Model Y recall was 137, according to the NHTSA.

Tesla estimated that about 10% of those vehicles have the defective steering wheel fastener, according to the same safety report.

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