New Jersey State Troopers never know what they will face when they head out to work for their shift. From traffic stops to violent crimes, our NJ Troopers are at the ready. Well-trained, smart, responsible, capable and willing to sacrifice their own safety to save others. When something is going wrong, there is a bit of relief that comes when the Troopers arrive on scene.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman called police after her 71-year-old mom who suffers from dementia went missing from their Hunterdon County home. Thankfully, the NJSP were ready and jumped into immediate action. Three units combined to find the woman in record time. Troopers from the Kingwood Station, the Hunterdon K-9 unit and the NJSP Aviation Unit worked together to find her and rescue her where she had wandered, fallen and then got entangled in thick brush.

Thanks to the immediate action and training of our NJSP, this family will be able to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday together.

Here is pull quote from the NJSP Facebook Page:

Kingwood Station troopers made their way through the woods and found the woman, who had fallen and became entangled in thick brush. The troopers provided her with a blanket and comforted her before she was was taken to safety.

A short time later, the Amwell Valley Ambulance Corps treated her at the scene before transporting her to an area hospital.

Due to the quick actions of the troopers and first responders, the woman was provided with the care she needed and is expected to make a full recovery.

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