The latest innovative business model under government attack is the microbrewery. Remember when all the calls went out to crack down on Uber and Lyft? Here we had a moving forward of an old concept, with often better and less expensive service than traditional taxis, and what happened? The old guard complained and the politicians caved in and tried to squash new ideas.

It's happening again with bars and restaurants versus microbreweries. Now in full disclosure, I'm not a microbrewery guy. Nothing against them, I just have simple taste. Give me a Bud Light and I'm just fine. I'm not a connoisseur. Yet I will defend these guys to the end. They changed an entire industry and added to it in a way that brought the product to the consumers on a much more personal and intimate level and people love them. So what's the problem?


NJ just clamped down on the microbrew biz with onerous new rules limiting how many events can be held at these places. Catered events, bands, trivia nights, political meetings, you name it, they can now barely do them. Why? You know it ultimately comes down to bars and restaurants not wanting to compete and they have more pull in Trenton. You'll never convince me of any other reason. Read more about the new regs here.

When progress is made, when smart people dream of new ways of doing things and push industries into the future, you can bet the stalwarts in Trenton with their lined pockets will be there to shut it down. Look what they are doing to the vaping industry in Jersey. Look what they did in the 1940's to Irving Reingold, voting with their corrupt greased palms to ban self-serve gas for which many had been lined up around the block. It's the Trenton way.

Would love to have your vote on this. Are the new regs fair? Take our poll below.

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