I must right off the bat say that I have been a huge proponent of New Jersey restaurants and bars for years. I supported them, stuck by them during the pandemic, and promoted them with articles.

I enjoy the Jersey Shore restaurants and bars and try to relax right after the summer crowds have left. That is the best time that I can support the New Jersey restaurant industry.

The problem is that most Jersey Shore bars have dramatically increased the price of summer drinks. It is getting out of hand.

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash
Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

I understand costs have increased, and that most restaurants want to make up for the dramatic losses they experienced during the pandemic, but what Jersey Shore restaurants are charging customers has gotten out of hand.

This week my friend went to a little outdoor hideaway bar that was in a shore town overlooking the water. In a small eight-ounce cup he got a 1.5-ounce shot of Tito’s vodka and club soda with a piece of lemon. He and his date both had the same drink. It was $16.50 per drink!

I haven’t seen prices like that since my trip to an expensive New York restaurant or to an event at Met Life Stadium in the Meadowlands.

The two drinks cost $33.00 plus 7% tax ($2.31) and a 20% tip for another $7.00 making his two-drink experience $42.31 or $21.55 each for a small Tito’s and soda.

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash
Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

If my friend went to Total Wine and picked up a 1.75 liter of Tito’s vodka, he could get 40 1.5-ounce shots of vodka for $31.99 plus 7% sales tax for a total of $34.23! A full six-pack of club soda costs $5.00 with no tax, leaving a total of $39.23 for 40 drinks!

People say you are paying for the view and that overhead and the prohibitive costs of goods are driving up the price.

I am far from being cheap and have spent thousands every year at Jersey restaurants and bars but the price to enjoy yourself at a Jersey Shore bar is ridiculous.

Consider this a public service message and I hope that some will understand something clearly at last and rethink their costs to the public.

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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