I had a conversation with Assemblyman Parker Space today on Chasing News.  He's been in the news a lot lately, first for his attendance at  Hank Williams Jr. concert and the subsequent Facebook post in front of the Hank Williams' Jr flag, which is the performer's face superimposed on the battle flag of the Army of Northern which Virginia.  That controversy even got the attention of the candidates running for New Jersey governor.

 Parker then accused his opponents of harassment.

The latest in the Parker saga is a recording of a private conversation he had with the executive director of the Sussex County Democrats...yes, the other side! On the recording the Assemblyman is heard calling one of his opponents a b*tch. They are using the tape as a way of drawing negative attention on Parker and continuing the attack focused on his questionable choices on social media and in conversation. How far have New Jersey politics devolved? No wonder we can rarely have a conversation about real issues. This is the big 'gothcha' hit before election day?!? Give me a break.

Lemme say this to anyone who thinks using the "B" word in conversation is a reason to vote against someone...grow up. Seriously, grow up and lighten up. We have become so sensitive in our society that there seems to be an expectation that the only people worthy of public office are those that never make mistakes, say anything off color or ever express an emotion or thought that someone might possibly find offensive. What these soldiers of political correctness don't seem to get is that attitude is creating one of the biggest backlashes that the political world has seen in decades. Trump was on tape saying much worse and it may have actually humanized him and gained him votes!

How can we possibly teach the next generation of voters and leaders to be tough when we're whining and crying about someone calling someone else a name? The real disgusting thing here is that the whiners have credibility in the media. Although I'm not a voter in Parker's district, I can tell you I'd vote against his opponents based solely on the cry-baby attitude and attempt at 'gothcha' politics. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you do live in the district, make up your own minds, but it's time we take a stand for common sense and reacting to real world issues and serious problems.

Stop denying reality that the world isn't a crude, rude, tough place to be. No wonder we have a confused generation coming up through the ranks. Cope with adversity, deal with name calling. What ever happened to "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me?!?"

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