It’s been a long time since I’ve seen New Jersey voters energized and ready to fight.

In 1993, New Jersey voters rose up and tossed out incumbent Gov. Jim Florio for pushing though a couple billion dollars in new taxes. In 2009, they rose up and did the same to Gov. Jon Corzine. Unfortunately, many New Jersey voters were terribly disappointed as we were completely let down by the mismanagement and ‘politics as usual’ from Govs. Christie Whitman and Chris Christie. Both helped destroy a respectable Republican Party with their bad decisions and, in Christie's case, by using the power of government to help line the pockets of his friends and further his own ambition.

Now we’re here in 2020 and the runaway government machine is picking up momentum as politicians do nothing to lower the cost of living in New Jersey, do nothing to create a business-friendly climate that will bring in prosperity and do nothing to lower the tax burden on working families. Instead they are hard at work attacking your rights as a parent.

Two issues have come up recently and Monday is a day that thousands or parents on both sides of the political aisle are speaking out in force in Trenton. Trenton elites are trying to get government involved in forcing mental health screening on kids as young as the seventh grade, and they’re trying to put government in between you and your doctor when it comes to vaccination schedule.

My friend Judi Franco wrote a great article on the issue explaining how bad it is to have school counselors in between you and your children. As far as the vaccine issue, a rising number of legislators on both sides of the aisle are pushing back as they heed the call from parents across the Garden State.

Democratic Assemblyman Jamel Holley joined me on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show Monday to talk about the discrimination nature of the bill. Republican Mike Testa called to discuss the egregious overreach and infringement on parental rights. Senator Mike Doherty also joined me to talk about how important the noise is to “rattle the state house” to let lawmakers know how mad you are at this overstep by government. He warned against future vaccines, which can be added at any point to the schedule and you will have zero power to push back on behalf of your kids.

This discriminatory law, which is an attack on both religious liberty and parental rights, must be stopped.