BLOOMFIELD — A longtime resident has shared a moment of kindness involving her late daughter that continues to provide comfort to her family.

Sonya Pierce-Royster shared a post on Sunday to the public Facebook group "‎Citizens of Bloomfield, New Jersey" in which she remembered her daughter, who died three years ago after living with a rare neuromuscular disease, spinal muscular atrophy type 2.

Pierce-Royster said when her son played youth football, her daughter attended to support her brother and though bound to a wheelchair, she wanted to join other girls on the cheerleading squad.

Pierce-Royster shared a throwback photo, showing the kindness of some of that cheer team's members, who gifted her daughter an official uniform, which she said her daughter wore at games from that point on.

Pierce-Royster said when the cheer squad members graduated, they presented her daughter with a megaphone that they all had signed and made her an "honorary cheerleader."

The post sparked dozens of comments from group members, many thanking Pierce-Royster for sharing her memories of kids showing such kindness to one another.

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